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Background: AlgoTron supply quality software for DSP-related functions in the field of electronics. Specialising in telecoms and audio applications, we have a range of code modules in the following categories: modem data pumps, telephony signal interfacing eg DTMF, audio, and utility components such as FFT. The modules have 2 software formats: assembler for the Texas Instruments TMS320C5000 range of DSP processors, and C for DSP-/micro-processors in general. We can also generate bespoke code and perform contract work / consultancy in the field of DSP. We are particularly adept in designing and implementing from scratch. Our target customers are manufacturers.

Assembler (asm) code:  the ‘C5000 range of fixed-point DSPs is well established in many applications, from mobile phones to digital cameras.  The range features high processing power, large on-board memory, low current consumption and low unit cost.  The code here is in the ‘C54x sub-range assembler which also runs on the ‘C55x sub-range. The assembler format is highly efficient in minimising DSP processing power, data-, and program-memory usage. Each module has a C “wrapper” if required but can be operated at the assembler interface.  Some legacy code is also available for the earlier TI  'C2xx/ 'C5x DSPs.

C code: in this form, the code modules can operate on any processor that has an ANSI C compiler. The C coding is designed especially for efficient operation on low-cost fixed-point DSP- and general-purpose micro-processors.  All data memory is specified as 16-bit integer words.  Multiplies are integer 16x16-bit with 32-bit products. The assembler and C versions of each particular function are “bit-exact” in execution.

Code module design: each has been carefully crafted to give excellent signal performance whilst minimising processor resource usage. For example, the modem software has many novel features to give excellent error rate / signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) figures over both flat and poor channels.

Code module features: operation is by callable subroutines with uncomplicated interfaces.  Permanent data memory for use by the routines is passed normally by a single address pointer. This allows the user much flexibility in implementing multiple channels and in overlaying memory.  All functions are single-processor based and, apart from resource needs, are platform-independent. The source code is thoroughly commented for easy maintenance.

Code module purchase: is under simple licenses, usually for a one-time fee. Modules are supplied with user's guides and example test files to illustrate code interfaces and operation. Integration support can be provided.

Last site updates:
6 Mar 2014: addition of G.728 speech coder 'C5000 DSP code module

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